A new Mutxamel 500 (June 6th, 2020)

Now that most of the Covid19 restrictions have been lifted in our area, a good group of friends in Mutxamel (Alicante, Spain) couldn’t wait any longer to reunite, check thoroughly their 1:32 racers, and put them again to good use.

Our host, convinced us with solid arguments, such as: more space, with a whole garage to ourselves, and a BBQ. This could only lead to a perfect Saturday.

So, as soon as we arrived to the scene, we started from the very beginning to do what we are best at: put our slot cars to the test. To make things even better, we were rewarded with a fantastic 4 lane Ninco track. Great layout combining speed and technique.

In our gatherings, we stay loyal to our regulatory principles: no regulations. Any car is welcome, whatever its specs. Our filosofy is to run short rounds, and the winner is the one who stays longer on track. Most of the cars we brought this time were Group 5 (which according to our age is more than understandable, these are the cars that still impress us the most). And another of our members, Julio, brought a few surprises that put a smile on our face: a Smart car, a Jeep with Laurel & Hardy, or an impressive Mercedes. It was a pleasure to see those cars on track, lap after lap.

After an exciting morning session, an exceptional lunch provided us with the necessary calories to continue for the rest of the day.

After lunch, the reinforcements arrived: two legendary members of the local slot scene, showing us that «experience does matter».

As you can see by the pictures below, there’s a new slot discipline in the area : «caravaning»

Click to see two caravans in racing mode

Motorracing always provide some electric moments. This time, and right in front of the Cartrix CEO, one of our friends tested the Cartrix chassis consistency with a very scary moment. I guess this car will spend some time at the workshop before coming back to life.

Below is the full set of pictures we took. Hope you enjoyed this article and gave you some inspiration and ideas.




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