MYTHS YOU CAN OWN IN SLOT FORM: «Glorious Group 5: Porsche Moby Dick»

Dear reader, few racing cars convey an image of exuberant power like Porsche’s Moby Dick. It is possibly the car that took the Group 5 interpretations to the greatest extreme. Unlike other rivals, such as the Lancia Beta Monte-Carlo with that stamp of efficiency and balance, the Moby Dick is a true masterpiece of exhuberant power .

What type of racing car was the Moby Dick?

Technically, it is known as the Porsche 935/78. But all the fans identify this animal with the nickname «Moby Dick», because of its wide body and long tail. It is still the most powerful nine-eleven ever made.

It was a demonstration of raw power handling by the Porsche engineers, its boxer engine knew no opposition in terms of pure performance, which was modified to withstand the workload. The cylinder heads became water-cooled while the block would continue to be air-cooled. Displacement of 3.2 liters, and a power of 845 hp. Yes. 845 hp. And we are talking about the 70s ….. This car on the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans, reached 366 km / h.

Its performance was stratospheric compared to direct rivals. Let’s talk about its record.

Sporting success?

As a clear example, let’s talk about its debut. Crushing victory in the 6 hours of Silverstone in 1978. Pole position with more than 2 seconds of difference with the next classified. And winner in the race finishing 7 laps ahead of the 2nd classified. This was to make clear the Moby Dick was «killer, no filler».

Although his forcefulness was unchallenged during its appearances during 1978, its extreme potential was sometimes compromised by reliability. In fact, at Le Mans 1978, despite being unstoppable while on the track, its high consumption forced it to refuel more often than its rivals, which in the end meant that it had to be competing during the 24 hours in comeback mode the whole time, making up for time lost due to extra refueling. In addition, near the end it had to slow down due to an oil leak, forcing it to settle for an eighth place finish.

Sadly, the Moby Dick was withdrawn in 1978 and taken back to the Museum because of the complaints of the privateer teams, unable to compete against the factory Moby Dick in equal terms.  

After the absolute dominance of Porsche in 1978 and 1979 thanks to the Moby Dick and other 935 versions , in a previous article dedicated to the Lancia Beta, I collect the fact that Lancia Beta was the car which finally managed to beat Porsche and pick up the baton in the group 5 ’80 and ’81 championships. 

About the slot version

For those of us who are sentimentally connected with the racing vehicles of the ’70s with their widebodies, spoilers, ultra-wide tires, colourful liveries, this Moby Dick in 1:32 slot version signed by Sideways is a real delight. 

When it comes to track behavior, looks can be deceiving. So much rear overhang can lead you to identify it with clumsiness , extra inertia, etc. Nothing of that. Zigzag nobility, poise, and dependable demeanor right out of the box. To ensure pure performance, it comes equipped with a Slot it MN09CH motor and a 11/28 pinion / crown ratio to provide convincing speed. 

Clean assembly execution,as usual by Sideways

What other slot versions are there available?

If we stick exclusively to the Porsche 935/78, the best known 1:32 slot alternative to the Sideways model would be the Carrera.

Porsche Moby Dick by Carrera

If we take care of the Moby Dick brothers like the 935/77 or 935 / K3, we have already expanded the range of muscular 911’s that we can add to our collection. Here the versions of brands such as ExinScalextric or FlySlot come into play

Porsche 935 K3 by Flyslot

Web Resources

We start with a current video, with the Moby Dick proving to be in better shape than ever.

Even our admired Máximo Sant from Garaje Hermético dedicates one of his videos to him, with the invaluable vision of Máximo as both a journalist and an engineer. The enthusiasm with which he transmits to us with an insurmountable didactic approach how technically colossal was our protagonist, hooks you from minute 1.

Here is an amateur Super8 video. More vintage, impossible. Our Moby Dick appears among other moments, at 0:55.

In this other video, you can enjoy the image of Moby nexto to its rivals, at minute 6:11 (number # 43)

See you in the next blog entry, in which we will admire another Group 5. Greetings dear reader!

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